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Canisius Graduation

Last night, I dreamt of Canisius. The interior of the building was not in any way similar to the real-life setting, but the parking lot remained the same (this is what I am most familiar with in real life). I had taken along my stuffed bunny, Button, but was embarrassed upon carrying it through the parking lot. I threw it in my car, that is, the WRONG car. Fortunately, the owner of the car was nice enough to return it to me.
Once I ventured into he building, I saw it as one of those Wegmans-colored dreams.
Both male and female seniors were graduating, and I was sitting in the back of the windowless, dark-hospital type room when I began to hear our dear principal sing. I could not stand the commotion, so I headed down one of the hallways of the building. Here I saw small novelty shops abound. Because I could not drive my car (a white mini van) through the shelves of porcelain figurines, I decided to look around a bit. There were red beaded curtains around the stacks of purses in the left side of the hall. When the fountain turned on beneath, it was quite beautiful.
The seniors were now marching through that hallway, so I escaped. Unfortunately, I have gone through a day of using (or attempting to use) my left brain, and I have forgotten much of the dream. I will say, however, that it was a pretty NORMAL dream, and TOILET-FREE!
The dream also occurred between 6:00 and 6:32 this morning.
When I awoke, I was thinking that I had painted a plate from a baseball field, commenting that this is a picture of something that will stay, which sort of makes sense, if you think of making footprints in a circle (or diamond), memories marked liked large pentagons.
Enough... I shall go to sleep early again to have a more odd dream!
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