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The dream began with the burning down of Gates Circle Hospital.

Our house was located right near the fire,and I questioned the reporter (who looked like that Chad Simmons dude from "Snow Day") on the outcome of the fire. He said it looked pretty dismal, and everyone would parish. A pleasant thought.

I ran home and began to dart up the stairs, looking for Holly (my cat). My mother screamed for us to run into the basement.

"Forget the cat; it's every man for himself now!"
Which I know is about the last thing my Mother would say.

The dream moved to a quieter time in the aftermath of the fire. Holly had escaped during the time of chaos and was bitten by a rabid dog. She acted pretty normal at first, but we watched for signs of evil.

So one day I venture into the darkened living room when I see Holly with glowing read eyes and fangs covered in foam. Scary. My family and I take her to the vet (which happens to be at the western square place at Fantasy Island). Tis a dismal day.

I later find that Becky was infected with rabies as well and has passed away. This is the point of great emotional involvement of the dream; I remember lying on my grandparents drab green living room couch, thinking of the life without one of my sisters.

White lace, a symbol of Death, covers the scene, and I force myself to wake up.
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