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Not far off from the Wizard of Oz... or any type of humanly persecution.

Last night was a mystery-like journey through this random building. The carpets were brown as usual, and there were many stairs along the way, but my mission was to free the imprisoned people from the grasps of this ugly lady.

Well, when I saw that she was drinking hydrochloric acid, I figured that she must be allergic to water. I was nearly thrown onto this conveyor belt heading to a furnace; I narrowly escaped and sprayed water over her and the workers. Hurray... I had won!

I returned home and rode around on my bike for awhile. The garage had a third seperate room for the bike nest. I ventured into the backyard Natalie (my cousin) and my sisters were playing with Pound Purries and Pound Puppies (the original kind), those of which I miss dearly.

I woke up... an entire day off!
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