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Radiohead Camp

I finally purchased the Kid A cd today, and let me see that it possessing alchemic qualities. It re-examines childhood nightmares and seeps into my dreams. Tonight, such an even occurred.

Well, at the start of the dream I indeed discovered the meaning of the universe, but had forgotten it at my awakening. I was simply making comparisons between random objects, seeing all sides of them as well as their fabrication and structure. I plugged and chugged, sending each object through a sort of assembly line to be compared to the components of Radiohead's Kid A.

Later, I was in the cold basement of a building. There were shower places embedded in the walls, and someone had stolen my shampoo. I bombarded through one wall, nearly killing someone attempting to shower. As usual, there were toilets and oddly-placed walls.

I moved from that building to the surface, where I spotted a larger building with the Kid A symbol (the bear) largely painted on its edifice.

I stepped inside to see it as a sort of torture camp; adolescent boys where made to stand balanced between a wall and a chair, forcing the weight into their toes, which in turn where balancing on the chair. They had to stay within the chalk outline on the wall or where punished; they had to perform the embarrassing act of removing their shoes. The next task was to hang from a paper towl dispenser.

The dream faded again, and I woke up to the sound of my new Kid A cd and a wet head covered by "The Rachel Hat".
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