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Looney Toons and the Laws of Friction

Last night's dream was somewhat cheerful; I was in this Medieval town square in an amusement park. Lauren was complaining about the store advertisement on her shirt when a chair from the lift overhead came crashing into the center-square fountain.Unfortunately, no one was hurt.

So I went back to the business of entering shops and irritating people with my remote control. Well, technically, it was I and this prodigal cellist I saw in concert. We played with the remote for a while, which was remarkably like the switches and knobs in the Mount's kitchen, and I remember commenting on the girl's spidery fingers. Anyway, we were poking people behind the back, similar to wearing an invisibility cloak, with these electronic pulses. Then we started capturing Looney Toons characters and putting them into a box (similar to the equipment in Ghostbusters). The FBI was angered by this and began to chase us. The cellist turned into a black girl, I don't even know whom it was, and we ran down this sloping hill; the backdrop for the scene was these lovely rolling mountains. Anyway, the bricks in the ground were jagged, and I had to stop. The girl and I decided to swing off of a tree limb. I was scared, but realized that the sloping ground on which I was descending had a powerful force of friction; I soon stopped in this little wedge. The background had turned to a street and buildings, sort of like Boston. I swung from the tree into a hole.

Then it turned to this dark basement room with purple lights. Pictures of decaying bodies kept appearing everywhere. I was then back in a barn with Lock, Shock, and Barrel (from The Nightmare before Christmas!) and we went out into the field under these animated stars to stare at scarecrows with pumpkin heads. At this point, I think I was partially awake, reflecting upon an old dream.

So I think I woke up then with Holly howling at the door. The dream had been fun.
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