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Joe's Apartment

This dream is fading quickly, but I remember my grandparent's house, dimmed by mourning wallpaper and dark green sofas. My grandparents had firmly decided against buying new furniture, as the items "still had some life in them."
The place was infested with roaches, despite my grandparents' attempt to retain immaculate cleanliness. The cockroaches were the small, turd-like kind, disgusting in comparison to those pretty yellow ones.
They crawled through everyone's flesh. The basements and hallways were dark in our attempted exodus.

The dream changed to a dreary, rainy night, and I was in a warehouse purchasing felt-tip pens. I looked into my date book to view my payment for them, and a Nardin student, who shall remain nameless, grasped it and began to rant about my lethargy. I remember her actually pronouncing "bip bip bip bip bip!"

I awoke the next morning and turned on the television. "Virtual Insanity" was on VH1, which I found puzzling, as it is a somewhat old video. Lo and behold, a brown cockroach makes a cameo appearence in the video!

Perhaps dreams DO possess the keys to the future...
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